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The Star
The monthly Arts-In-Education Newsletter, The Star, features the Top Ten Arts-in-Education and Exploratory Enrichment programs for the month as well detailing the many programs taking place in each of your districts. It profiles one or more programs and events and then informs you of meetings and more.
Read Carol Brown's fond farewell as she retires as Eastern Suffolk BOCES Arts in Education Admin Coordinator.  Remember that most Field Experiences can be contracted through Eastern Suffolk BOCES Arts in Education or Exploratory Enrichment.  Read about exercised to stimulate creativity, how the arts boost the economy, and more on Arts Integration.  Find out more about Conference for Kids 2017 and dates May 23 and 24, 2017 for next year's event.  And find out about Rohan Murphy's motivational program.
 Learn about the arts connections in the new Every Students Succeeds Act (ESSA). Find out 7 ways that Art Ed promotes Child Development. STEAM news talks about "Dancing by the Numbers."  And read about the success of "1776" for Middle School and LI Student Shakespeare Festival for Middle School and High School students.
Learn about how ESSA will impact Arts Education and how Americans in general and teachers specifically feel about the Arts as part of a well-rounded education. What are the five lessons the Orchestra can learn from Museums? A New STEAM quarterly magazine is also available for subscription. And read about the 2016 LI Media Arts Show.
Learn how to get the most out of your school assembly and your virtual field trips.  Read about Lessons in Creativity from Scott Barry Kaufman at the University of Pennsylvania. More funding for the Arts?  Find out where our tax dollars are going.  And discover Jared Campbell's Blue Project performance where students are building character through songs.
Cultural Partners and Artists - Apply for the April 7-8 Teaching Artist/Cultural Partner Institute, funded through a generous US Department of Education's arts integration grant.  IPAY Issue - read about some of the performances seen at this year's International Performing Arts for Youth Showcase that suggest possibilities for next year both in your schools and at our local Performing Arts Centers. Learn about current arts education and arts integration research.  This month's Program Profiles highlight Box Out Bullying and Kids 4 President.

Prepare district administrators and arts educators to respond to the upcoming NYSED survey regarding the Draft Statewide Strategic Plan for the Arts as a part of its push to revitalize arts education in NYS.  Find out how the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) might impact arts education.  Apply for the new National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Creativity Grant Learn about several Arts-in-Ed and Exploratory Enrichment programs highlighted in Program Profiles and District Stars.

Find out about CALTA21, Cultures and Literacy through Art for the 21st Century, and their work with literacy, museums, and immigrant communities. Learn about workplace success and what you need to add to the 4 Cs. Read more about arts integration from where to begin and giving voice to your students.  Residency Review highlights Sachem's Chippewa Elementary School students and artist Esther Tollen.

Read about how Maryland schools are successfully integrating arts into many aspects of the curriculum and using alternative arts assessments to gauge student learning.  Find updates on Arts Education advocacy from Americans for the Arts. Browse through four professional development opportunities offered to music and art teachers on Election Day.

 Artists and Presenters attended the 2015 Artist to Artist Exchange to learn about what schools are looking for when hiring an artist or presenter through Arts-in-Education or Exploratory Enrichment.  Read about and support the Museum Education Act.  Check out some of the artists/presenters who were at the Advisory Council Meeting at Atlantis Marine World.
Learn about different approaches to arts integration for varied populations and age groups.  Remember that you can take field trips through Arts in Education both live and virtually. Share information on Arts Advocacy for your PTA. And read the Program Profile for Project Trio.
SAVE THE DATE for the Arts Education Conference -- COMMON GROUND -- in Albany August 14-15. Read about the latest comments from Arts Education Activist Sir Ken Robinson.  Find out about the Impact of Activist Art on Student learning. Congratulate ESB Arts in Ed staff, Diane Bloxon on her recent recognition. Find out the latest in the future of the LI Student Shakespeare Festival and the 2014-15 Scholar Artist Awards.
 The NYSED Regents and the Office of Cultural Education are proposing the "Museum Education Act" to support a major partnership between schools and museums, historical societies, zoos, botanical gardens, and aquariums.  These institutions have valuable resources to for students to engage in authentic learning experiences that motivate, enhance and reinforce what happens in their classrooms.  Learn more about this Act and how you can be an advocate for it. For national view, see the Arts Education Partnership's Action Agenda for Advancing the Arts in Education.
This issue of the Star includes photos and student response to the LI Media Arts Show and info regarding the First Exposure Student Film Festival on May 17th. Read about the ESBOCES Teaching Artist and Cultural Partners Institute held in March. See the Performing Arts Checklist itemizing the skills and qualities learned through theatre arts.  Read about the President's Committee on Arts and Humanities Turn Around Schools successes. See the Program Profiles from Sachem, Hampton Bays and North Babylon schools.  Save the date for this Fall's Common Ground Conference Oct. 14-15, 2015 in Albany.
Please note that the last day we can accept Contract Requests for programs in the 2014-15 school year is APRIL 29th.  Remember to get your Registrations in for the March 27th LI Media Arts Show.   Conference for Kids is taking place May 19th.  Details on the AIE website.  Read about Music Day in Albany as well as NY State Arts updates. And read the reviews of programs seen at this year's International Performing Arts for Youth (IPAY) Showcase. 
 Find out about Conference for Kids and the LI Media Arts Show.  Read about NYS Education Department Arts News. Find out about several grant opportunities.  Meet the new Education Director at the East End Arts Council.
Meet the new NYS Alliance for Arts Education Director, Ian Driver.  Make sure to read about the NYS Summer School for the Arts application deadline.  Subscribe to the NYSED Cultural Ed newsletter.  Learn about national happenings in Innovation and Creativity.
LI Theater Students Find Their Social Voice at the second annual Stage the Change event.   Read about some of the national arts activities and the article: The Educational Value of Field Trips from University of Arkansas researchers. 
Learn about ESBOCES Arts in Ed's second USDOE Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination (AEMDD) grant.  Learn what is happening in Arts Education Nationally and internationally in theater and museum field experiences. See the different arts education policies in other states. Program Profiles of Challenge Day at Rocky Point HS and Longhouse Reserve with Middle Country Art Educators.
Did you know that the Suffolk County Historical Society has a mobile museum, ready and able to come to your school? Read about the September Arts in Education Advisory Council Meeting and the resources shared.  Find out about how the Arts are part of NYSED's Alternate Pathways to Graduation.  Learn about whole brain instruction and more.
Be sure to attend the Sept 30th Arts in Education Advisory Council meeting.  Read about the favorite programs from the 2013-14 school year.  Hear what is happening regarding Uncommon Approaches to Common Core and the place of the Arts. Think about taking advantage of the learning from the USDOE's Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination grant that Eastern Suffolk BOCES Arts in Ed is disseminating in Suffolk County this Fall.
  • June 2014

    Many thanks to all of you for another successful year with Arts in Education and Exploratory Enrichment.  Read about the release of the National Core Arts Standards website Learn about the ESBOCES Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination grant, Creative Classroom Collaboratives and its website:  Start next school year with Fostering a Positive Mindset.
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  • May 2014

    Hear Alma J. Powell, Board chair of America's Promise Alliance, thoughts on the value of an arts education for her husband, Colin Powell, who attended public school in the Bronx.  Delve into the Arts Ed Partnership's 2014 National Forum Resources. Read about the 7 Key Ingredients to build a STEAM program. Learn about Creativity and the Brain: Lessons from Jazz Musicians. Follow the Yellow Brick Road to see how Brentwood's Twin Pines Elementary School used this experience to bring Common Core to their third grade classrooms.
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  • April 2014

    Read about the LI Media Arts Show, complete with several Best in Show photographs.  Celebrate National Poetry Month with ideas in National News: "Celebrating the Poet in All Students." Learn strategies to connect Visual Literacy and the Common Core.  Read about "Music: The Voice of Unity," a musical residency program reviewed by the Otsego Elementary school's (Half Hollow Hills) Arts-in-Ed Committee.
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  • March 2014

    Read about NYSED updates, National Endowment on the Arts study on the arts benefiting all economic levels, virtual field trips and some of the Professional Development that has been offered on Long Island.
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  • February 2014

    See the details of next month's 24th Annual LI Media Arts Show. Read about Promoting Arts Education in America from SEADAE, the State Education Agencies Directors of Arts Education, as well as Survey Results from Theatre Communications Group.  Updates on Arts Integration are provided as well as a Program Profile of Group for the East End's environmental residency program at East Hampton's John M. Marshall Elementary School.
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  • January 2014

    Read about National News, the importance of the Arts to the US economy. See how Tennessee is using Portfolios to Evaluate Arts Education. Find out about Turnaround Arts, an initiative developed by the President's Committee on Arts and Humanities and more.
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  • December 2013

    The research arm of the national Arts Education Partnership, ArtsEdSearch, now has a new review panel for resources on arts learning in and out of school. house. See their new bulletin, "Preparing for the Next America:  The Role of Arts Ed.' Read about the "10 Must-Dos for an Effective After-School Arts Program. And check out the Education Closet for ways to integrate the arts.
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  • November 2013

    Find out about Arts @ the Core, the series of regional arts symposiums hosted by the NYS Alliance for Arts Education with national presenters at each one.  Learn about Arts Education in the Digital Age.  Caine's Arcade?  See the link to the video as well as what Kim Vecchio's 4th grade class at Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School in William Floyd school district accomplished.
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  • October 2013

    Read about the Uncommon Approaches to Common Core event that took place in Albany this summer.  NYSCAME members be sure to attend the Roundtables prior to the monthly meetings. Find out what happened at the Arts in Ed Advisory meeting last month.
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  • September 2013

    by Optional Author Here...
    Read about Un-Complicating the Common Core, the NYSED Office of Cultural Education's two day conference this summer.  Humanities and social sciences are "the heart of the matter."  Read more about how music helps us long after the lessons end.
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